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As a brand, 'TASTA' carries deep cultural significance. Our founder, Princess Asodaria, sought to reflect Indian culture within the brand's identity. Drawing inspiration from the language of classical literature, Sanskrit, she scripted with 'TASTA,' which beautifully translates to 'fashion.' It was in June 2018 that Princess Asodaria embarked on this exciting venture, establishing 'TASTA' as a fashion brand.


At 'TASTA,' our design philosophy is rooted in the rich tapestry of Indian culture. We embarked on a journey to rekindle reverence for Indian fabrics and the artisans behind them. Our approach involves reimagining the subcontinent's cultural heritage in contemporary high fashion. By seamlessly blending Indian craftsmanship and premium textiles, we bring designs that harmonize intricate textile details with refined luxury, meticulous tailoring, and handcrafted elements to life.


At 'TASTA,' we firmly believe in the inherent beauty of each individual, recognizing that it's all about perceptions—how you perceive others and how others perceive you. Just as every person is unique in their way, so are we. You can stay updated about what is happening in and around TASTA by following TASTA-Blogs.

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